Tuesday, January 21, 2014

February Contest! "Share" For a Pair!

2014 is gonna be awesome!  That's right we said it - as a mattress store the scope of our influence is perhaps a little limited - but if there is one thing we do know it's COMFORT!

So this year we have decided to try and make 2014 a little more comfortable for our fans and followers. Every month we will be doing a giveaway contest on facebook - Share, upload photos, comment, like - we don't have every month planned out yet but we're kicking off with a FREE Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow from Malouf... And since we've combined January and February - we figured that we might as well go ahead and give away a pair.

This contest will run until Feb 13, 2014 at midnight - we'll do a random drawing and announce the winner on the 14th.

*See the official contest rules 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Saturday, September 28, 2013



For many, the news of Jamisons most recent collection update is a welcome improvement. Back in August of this year, Jamison Bedding replaced the old TLC Conformer Collection (Think Opulence, Brilliance, Harmony etc.) with the new and distinctly improved TLC Collection. Jamison took the old TLC Conformer Mattresses, changed up the internal compositions, gave the collection a face-lift and began production of some of the best Latex Mattresses on the market today.

Contemporary Stretch-knit cover
The TLC Collection features nine premium Talalay Latex Mattresses ranging from Extra Firm to Plush in feel and even has several Double-sided options so you can choose between a Firm or Plush level of comfort. The new covers are stretch-knit giving these mattresses a sleek, contemporary look without any of the seams, buttons, or quilting that can often be a source of discomfort for some. 

What makes the TLC Collection so amazing however are the natural properties of the Latex these mattresses are made out of. In this post we've highlighted three reasons why we believe Latex Mattresses are some of the best mattresses out there.

Latex is an all natural product that is hypo-allergenic. Latex, after undergoing the Talalay manufacturing process utilized by Jamison Bedding, does not induce any of the allergic responses caused by medical latex products. Furthermore it is dust-mite resistant and bed bugs cannot live within the foam layers making these mattresses ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies. 

When it comes to durability Latex Mattresses simply cannot be beat. Latex is renowned for its superior pressure-relief qualities, uplifting support that helps to maintain proper spinal alignment and natural "springiness" that prevents these mattresses from bottoming-out or sagging prematurely. You may be tempted to ask - Well how long do these mattresses last? Jamison offers a 20 Year Non Pro-rated Warranty on all of the TLC mattresses. That means - If you ordered one today and it started sagging around the year 2030... you would qualify for a FREE replacement! Which would then also probably last another 20+ years, taking you up to around mid-century! Thats a good quality mattress!

Last but not least, Jamison TLC Mattresses are naturally temperature regulating. True Talalay latex mattresses made by Jamison Bedding provides outstanding "breath-ability" even over other latex mattresses! Latex is a phase change material that will cool down a warm body and warm up a cool one, so if you sleep warm - We would strongly recommend looking into purchasing a Latex Mattress.
100%   Talalay Latex   Composition

For a general reference the Jamison TLC Collection mattresses run between $1299 to $2699 in a Queen Set and are available in 30% - 100% Latex composition.

Here at Good Morning Mattress Center we carry all 9 TLC Mattresses - the Peacock, Cloudwing, Longtail, Goldleaf, Admiral, Gullwing, Lady Lark, Glidder and Monarch

Call us today for more information or post your comments below - we would love to do some research if you have any other questions about Latex Mattresses.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

From the floor here in Mobile Al, we just want to wish ya'll a safe and happy Labor Day Holiday weekend!